The Moweaqua Packing Plant, Inc. has been family owned and operated since 2006. Being farmers ourselves, we understand the need for high quality and fair priced meat processing. We strive to make customer service our number one priority.

Located in Moweaqua, IL (south of Decatur, IL), the Moweaqua Packing Plant offers quality meat processing and packaging of beef, pork, goat, lamb, rabbit, elk, buffalo, and deer. Along with processing, we have a retail freezer stocked with all major beef and pork cuts, steak boxes, and meat bundles. Contact us if you are looking for an individual package of meat, a meat bundle or steak box, a side of beef or pork, or needing to have your animal processed.

Our Selection

Daily, we offer fresh ribeye steaks and wide variety of frozen cuts of meat for individual choosing. Our retail case contains beef cuts, pork cuts and a variety of speciality items (such as summer sausage etc.). Every Friday and Saturday we have fresh pork and beef cuts available.

Recently we added grass fed cuts of beef to our frozen retail case.

Are you interested in a side of beef? We have quarters and halves available in corn fed, grass fed or non-GMO beef. Also, we have halves of hogs available for custom butchering or hog roast.

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Custom Butchering

The Moweaqua Packing Plant is the go to place to get your meat processed. No worries if it is your first time, let our staff assist you by guiding you through all of the options that you have when getting your meat processed. If you have been here before we can pull up your recent cutting instructions and make any changes that you might have or leave it the same.

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